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Back Pain

Back Pain Treatment With Our Chiropractor in Rochester

Back pain is one of the most frequently reported complaints among our patients at the Chiropractic Natural Health Center. While resolving symptoms is an important part of our care, our team also strives to get to the bottom of your discomfort by identifying underlying factors you may knowingly or unknowingly be facing.

Man with Back Pain

Common Causes of Back Pain

Back pain often feels sore, achy, and dull. It could be the result of simple muscle soreness after a tough workout, or after a long day on the job. Sometimes there's a more significant issue underlying it, such as:

  • Disc bulge, herniation, or degenerative disc disease: a disc can become injured due to an acute force or movement, or as a result of chronic and repetitive strain. It may thin and degrade over time, rupture and leak (herniate), or stick out of place (bulge). 
  • Osteoarthritis: this joint inflammation is usually associated with "wear and tear" of aging. 
  • Muscle strains: a sudden forceful movement (such as a fall, auto accident, or sport accident) can overstrain spinal muscles and lead to microfiber tearing, inflammation, and pain. If muscles in the spine are weak or shortened due to poor posture and inactivity, this imbalance may also lead to pain. 
  • Sciatica: this condition can cause lower back pain but also more significantly pain, numbness, and tingling in a buttocks and leg. It happens when the sciatic nerve becomes pinched by something as it exits the spinal column in the low back (potential causes include injured disc, stenotic or misaligned joint, bone spur, or tumor).

The cause of these and other back pain conditions often include poor posture, frequent bending/lifting/twisting, genetics, poor ergonomics, poor body mechanics, and personal injury. Factors like obesity, smoking, stress, and sedentary behavior may also increase your risk of experiencing back pain. 

Chiropractic Techniques Used for Back Pain Treatment

Rochester chiropractor Dr. Daniel Gizynski uses a variety of chiropractic techniques for patients looking for natural and drug-free back pain treatment. They may include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Prescribed corrective exercise
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Applied Kinesiology
  • Asyra Bioenergetic Health Screenings
  • Lifestyle advice

Dr. Gizynski will use these services to implement an individualized plan for you. Your specific approach can help with everything from improving postural balance and alignment to healing injured tissues to reducing pain and eliminating pain. 

Pain Holding You Back? Get Drug-Free Back Pain Treatment at Our Chiropractic Natural Health Center in Rochester

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