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Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Neck pain is a condition that is bound to afflict you at one time or another. When you are dealing with pain in your neck, the performance of daily tasks can become quite difficult. Contacting Chiropractic Natural Health Center to meet with our chiropractor in Rochester, MI, is an option that can provide favorable results when it comes to neck pain treatment. Here is some information about neck pain, including how our chiropractor can assist with minimizing or eliminating the pain you are experiencing.

neck pain

Causes of Neck Pain

There are many reasons why someone could start feeling pain in their neck. If they look down at a cell phone frequently, text neck could arise, which causes stretching of the neck muscles in an awkward manner. If you are involved in a car accident, whiplash may be a condition you deal with in the aftermath of the incident. Sleeping without adequate head support, slipping and falling, and sporting accidents are other reasons why neck pain may arise.

Avoiding Neck Pain

Unfortunately, there is no telling when you will be involved in an incident where you become injured. If you want to minimize the chance of whiplash while riding in a vehicle, make sure the headrest is centered behind your head to help keep your neck from stretching back too much should impact happen. Make sure you know the rules of any sporting activities to help keep your whole body safe while participating. If you use an electronic device, refrain from using it for long durations to help keep text neck from becoming a problem.

Neck Pain Treatment Options

If you suffer from neck pain, a trip to see our chiropractor is one of the best forms of neck pain treatment available. Our chiropractor will conduct an evaluation of your neck to find out how much pain you are experiencing and how far you are able to move it in either direction without discomfort. They will then do a spinal adjustment to help reduce stress upon the joints, muscles, tendons, and nerves around the neck area.

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