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Chronic Pain

Chiropractic Treatment For Chronic Pain Conditions

Chronic pain can make it difficult to lead a normal, productive life. If you are searching for ways to get your chronic pain under control, our chiropractor in Rochester can help. Chiropractic Natural Health Center provides treatment for patients who are dealing with chronic pain issues and who are trying to heal after an accident or injury.


Developing a Treatment Plan for Chiropractic Care

The first step in working with a chiropractor for chronic pain is to have an evaluation done. During the exam, your chiropractor will take a medical history and look for problems in your spine. You will discuss what is going on with your pain, and your chiropractor may order additional testing to figure out what is causing your discomfort. Once the cause of your pain is determined, a treatment plan will be designed that is specific for your needs.

Chiropractic Treatment Modalities for Pain Relief

Your spine will be adjusted to support your nervous system and reduce strain on your soft tissue. Corrective exercise is often used to improve range of motion and stability. Nutritional counseling will help reduce inflammation in the body. If your pain is caused by spinal compression, chiropractic techniques will be used to open up the area and decrease pressure on your nerve endings.

Frequency of Treatment with a Chiropractor

You will see our chiropractor in Rochester several times a week when you begin treatment. This allows you to get the most benefit from treatment and start your healing process. In between sessions, you may see a return of your symptoms. Over time, your symptoms should stay under control longer, and you can start coming to treatment less often. If your condition is chronic and you have had problems for some time, maintenance sessions about once a month can help.

Natural Pain Relief through Chiropractic Care

After your initial visit, you will see that pain relief can occur naturally without medication. Treatment is designed to uncover the root cause of your pain and to help you heal. Through strengthening exercises, adjustments, and other modalities, you can find natural pain relief that promotes healing in your body.

Get Help for Chronic Pain Today

For conditions that have been difficult to deal with, see how our chiropractor in Rochester can make a difference. Chiropractic Natural Health Center is ready to help you on your road to recovery. Set up an appointment with us by calling 248-650-1998.